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To further improve the standard for our customers we have decided to install a Smart Home-package from Compare-IT in all of our houses.

Smart Homes

To improve the standard of our houses even more, we have decided to install a Smart Home-package from Compare-IT in all of our houses! The Smart Home-solution means that you as our customer will have increased safety and security, as well as more control over functions such as energy usage and personally adjusted light settings, everything easily managed from your app. No matter where you are, you can always check in on your house to know that everything is okay, and if something happens, you will get an alarm in your phone, for example in case of a break-in or a water leakage. Practical functions such as engine heater, alarm clock that slowly increases the lights and personally adapted light scenarios will increase the comfort of your home!

Increased Security

A Smart Home considerably increases the security in case of fire or water leakages. The risk of damages is lowered in case of a water leakage since the water is shut of when you are not home. Many insurance companies are giving better prices on home insurance if you have this function. If the fire alarm is activated a quick evacuation is prioritized, all lamps are turned on and the lights at the exits start blinking. The wall sockets are turned off and the ventilation is decreased. In case of a fire, valuable seconds can be saved which can have great impact on the extent of the damages. When you are not at home, the lights can be turned off and on randomly or based on your instructions, to make it look like someone is home. If the burglar alarm is activated, all lights are turned on and the lights outside starts blinking.

Home and Away Mode

One of the most appreciated functions is the possibility to turn off your home when you leave your house. Then you choose the Away Mode by pressing a button at the entrance in the house or by activating the alarm. Chosen lights and wall sockets are turned off, a washing machine will be finished and then the water is turned off. When you come home you will just chose Home Mode, and the lighting is turned on just the way you want.

Full Control

With our app for smartphone or tablet you will always know that everything is okay with your house, no matter where you are. The possibility to control and steer your house via the app means that you can relax knowing that you will get notified if anything would happen. Do you need our help to change any setting? We will quickly and easily help you via our cloud solution.

Green Luxury

Smart steering decreases the energy usage and at the same time increases the comfort and safety of your home. With our solution, you have the possibility to see the individual energy usage for everything that is controlled in the house and can therefor easily make changes if you want to decease the energy costs. You can save 10 -20% of the electricity costs compared to houses without a Smart Home package, which benefits both you and the environment. 


Fire alarm

Id the fire alarm is activated, all the lights will be turned on. The lights at the entrances will start blinking as to facilitate evacuation. All devices that can cause a fire will be turned off as the wall sockets are turned off. The air supply to the house will be suppressed and if the water is turned off it will be switched on. An alarm will also be sent to your app.

Water leakage alarm If the detector senses a water leakage the water will be automatically switched off and an alarm will be sent to your app.

Burglar alarm If the burglar alarm is activated the lights outside will start blinking in an interval of two seconds and all other lights will be lit up to maximum power. An alarm will also be sent to your app.

Engine heater From your app you can chose the time when the engine heater will start/ stop.

Alarm clock From your app you can chose the time when the lights in the bedroom slowly will be turned on.


You can easily chose or create your own scenarios with different settings for lighting, for example dinner lighting, weekend lighting, god morning or good night.

FLEX Scenarios Scenarios can be chosen from buttons on the wall or from virtual buttons in the app, where you can create your own buttons (FLEX scenarios). Imagine that you are about to have a nice dinner, and with one push of a button will the lights be turned on just as you want it. When you later want to create an even cosier mode for your tv-night you will with just one push of a button create a different atmosphere with new lighting. This gives you full control over which specific lights that will be turned on, off and to what degree.

Away Scenario When the alarm in the house is turned on, all of the wall sockets and lights are turned off, and the air supply is reduced to a minimum. The water is turned off after four hours. The lights in the entrances will be turned off after one minute. The lights in the entrances will be turned on only if it is dark outside.

Home Scenario When the alarm in the house is turned off, all of the wall sockets in the house will be turned on. The lights in the entrance will be turned on if the sun has set. If the Random Function is turned on, it will be deactivated.

Random Function When the alarm is activated in the house, lights will randomly be lit and turned off, to make it appear as someone is home. This will only happen if the sun has set at your location.

Entrance Scenario The lights in the entrance will be turned on to 90 % and some other lights in the house will be turned on.

Good Night Scenario There are several night scenarios that can be controlled with buttons from the bed. The standard setting is that the lights slowly will be turned down during two minutes, but this can also be adapted depending on what you find best.

Good Morning Scenario For these scenarios you will just chose the time when the lights are going to be slowly turned on in the different rooms.

Cleaning Scenario All of the lighting in the house will be turned on to maximum power.

Please contact us for more information about our Smart Homes.

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