Sveahus can offer everything that you need to create the house of your dreams. We provide everything from furniture idea sketches, technical drawings, 3D visualizations, material selecting, to complete manufacture process, delivering and mounting.

Building Process

Sveahus can offer everything that you need to create the house of your dreams. We provide everything from furniture idea sketches, technical drawings, 3D visualizations, material selecting, till complete manufacture process, delivering and mounting. All you need to do is to choose from our catalogue or design with help from our experts, and we will deliver you a turnkey home, complete with interior.

Design concepts

Through collaboration with decorators, designers and engineers have Sveahus developed four different design concepts that you as a customer can choose from in order to create the interior design that suits you best. Included in this package is a kitchen and bathroom concept, a wooden floor, as well as three different clinker bricks to choose from.

Standard – This stylish and timeless standard package appeals to a broad audience. The interior is light and fresh and with a classic white kitchen. The design choices create space for many different styles. 

Elise – The concept is created for the daring trendy couple who loves home decoration. Austere tones give the home an exclusive feeling, with big beautiful clinker tiles and unison choices of materials. Walls are in a darker shade. The stylish kitchen becomes a part of the decoration.

Melba – This concept targets the multi-cultural, urban couple. Big dinners with a lot of home cooking is the heart of this home. Sullen, down-to-earth and clear colours, a mix of the old and the new and with ethnical ingredients gives the house a homey feeling. The floors are dark with a lot of contrasts.

Ingrid Marie – Light and classical colors and materials gives this concept a relaxed but simplistic feeling. Classical Nordic furniture of great quality is mixed with modern materials in a light environment. Secure, durable choices and solid surfaces. The concept is functional and practical but still comfortable and homey.

The First Stage – Design

When preliminary design is done, architectural and civil design has to be created. This part is very important for further actions, therefore, we are meeting it with great attention and a high sense of responsibility. With the latest computer based programs in architecture and structural engineering, the finished product is assured high quality as well as less time spent on drawings during the process. Using software program, load calculations are carried out respectively the local standards, taking into account the relative load, which could affect the stability of the structure / load bearing capacity. Sveahus uses powerful programs to produce the manufacturing drawings of the panels for the planned settlement. When structural design is done and panels are designed according to all required standards, the manufacturing drawings are produced and the process enters the next phase.

The Second Stage – Manufacturing Process

Material Preparation (Cutting)

Material specification output is directly transformed to the automatic saw program, which reads information and cuts timber elements in precise length. Therefore, it reduces probability of an error to occur during the manufacturing process. Another big advantaged with this technique is that less material is wasted, since the program automatically plans and calculates how to divide a timber element in order to use as much of the material as possible and as little waste as possible.


When necessary elements are cut, the panel frame can be made according to manufacturing drawings. This manufacturing part is done quickly and accurately.

Insulation and internal layer

A big advantage in the production process is ‘butterfly tables’. They promote the production of manufacturing by saving time on turning over panels to the other side as well as creates a safer work environment for the employers. The inner layer is inserted into the frames, and thereafter are sent to get the external finishing.

External finishing

As a final step in the process, the outer layer of panels is attached to the structure and receive all necessary treatment such as painting. Wooden panels is the material that we use the most, but we also work with materials such as concrete boards.

The Third Stage – Transportation

When all pre-fabricated elements (panels, windows, doors etc) have been made in the factory, they are loaded on a truck and delivered to the final construction site. According to the detailed loading scheme developed by our logistic and production specialists, most of the truck’s capacity is used in order to use as few transports as possible.

Our logistic and production specialists have developed a special manufacturing / logistics scheme, which is used while manufacturing panels. This scheme provides a special sequence in which panels are manufactured, so that the loading order is matched to the construction process. All necessary security measures are observed to promote the success of transportation. The detailed scheme for unloading reduces the time required to a minimum, something that is also enabled by the working schedule of up to three shifts per day.

The fourth stage – Montage

Once the panels are delivered to the site, where the foundation is already cast, they are unloaded from truck and assembled together, forming the structure. The montage of the pre-fabricated elements on site is done directly from the truck, which is a huge advantage in that it saves both time and money, since no additional storage is needed. This makes the process more efficient and saves both time and money. A single-family home is on an average assembled in three to five days, depending on the domestic residential areas and the architectural design of the structure.

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